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Saturday, February 14, 2015

kiss on fourteenth

a few weeks before he’d seen
her running In the park where
others were also jogging in their
shorts or their tights

he’d glance at her oh so discreetly
for he’d not looked at another as
he had stayed true to his former
who’d left him for another

when he’d see her his heart would race
faster than his feet for he was taken by her
athletic contour of legs  and derrière
revealed by her two tone color tights
he had not yet seen her eyes
or that wondrous long pony tail brown hair

his motivation to run now came at a
specific time of day knowing she’d be also
running on the same pathway in the park
but when passing her he’d pretend
to look at his timer watch

day after day came then one week he hadn’t
seen her for a while and his heart lamented
yet he’d persist on running at the same time
day to day thinking maybe just maybe, again

he decided to train for his first marathon
to be held on the fourteenth of February
so he trained and he trained till that day came
and the starting gun went off early in the a.m.
as he ran along side of hundreds of others

he’s now made it midway and on the fourteenth
mile was a water stand so he’d veer toward to
grab a cup and before his eyes there she stood
to also quench her thirst with a cup water

without a thought he stopped next to her
tapped her on her shoulder, slowly turns around
and unabashedly he leans over and kisses her
and whisperes happy Valentine’s day

he then turns around and jogs away
thinking to himself.. that was the a nice
fourteenth mile watering station on the 
fourteenth of February of his first marathon 
not to be his last on Valentine’s day