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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

spot of wisdom, maybe

once again i open my eyes waging a battle
with the enticement of slumber where the
cradle of my bed with which i shared a moment
of sweet oblivion whispers asking me…
why denounce our comfort, wait awhile to awake

but then the day calls me, also, with its delight
and its mornings tinge of a soft grey
and it says to me…i shall feed you with verve
from my sun’s energy and provide you with
my day’s script for without this your night
would not be filled with dreams

and so, awake, i ponder the day’s calling
to be one of tender struggles, of smiles
and laughter yet also bringing forth pangs
with tears of seeing plight but knowing
i shall consume some wisdom of life and at
it’s end i shall once again introduce the day
to night and reminding them… that in life
there is darkness and there is light