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Friday, November 21, 2014

listen in the dark

listen in the dark
the sounds of the day
have gone astray
but the noise still resides

you can hear the days voices
the sound of trees
crackling in the cold
the wind playing
whistling in its space

stand in the dark and
let the smells of the day
the melting of snow on grass
and your wet flannel shirt

your eyes needn’t be closed
you can see the gray of sky
tiny green of thriving buds
on trees and the crimson russet
leaves fallen piercing through
the white of snow on the ground

in the dark I can hear her heart
beat to the rhythm when she
stands beside me closely, feel her
femininity, smell her freshly washed hair
and if i’m lucky, i can see the
flickering of stars not by peering upward
but into the reflection of her eyes

if you listen in the dark
you can re-live the day