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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

grimace of my moon

the moon grimaces watching over me
for three nocturnal days now
seemingly it knows of my tossing and turning,
whilst my eyelids closed, that my dreams
are fraught with tales of angst and fear
as my jaw is locked, my hands clenched in fists,
my legs rise up and down like torrent waves
in ocean storms and tears roll down my face

my soul, recently, has been battling with thoughts,
with memories, of my life's past, where I have
walked away from mother’s crying and a child
abandoned on the dirt and mud streets of a
foreign land as bright red blood runs through it
and me holding a rifle in my hand

i can feel the grinding of my teeth, the
sweat run down my face but in the color red
as if wearing a crown of thorns placed upon
my head and the burdens of pain and anguish
resting on my shoulders as I lay here, nails through
my hands onto the bed while the wrestling of my legs,
raising of my chest and head unable to rise
from this supine place as the weight of demons
atop too great

suddenly my eyelids fling wide open and they’re
engulfed in the dark but I can see a grimacing moon
staring down at me with the sound and thumping of
‘a tell tale heart’ . thrice now in a fortnight
i’ve awaken in this way and my pillow is wet
with sweat and tears and the bed sheets rung in
the same. so I no longer can lay down to sleep
but on my recliner in an upright seat