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Friday, November 8, 2013

wake of night

in the wake of night
I gather my days journey
assemble the thoughts
inspired by what my eyes
did see and the sounds
that harmonized with the sun
and winds song 

as I close my eyes
to sleep to sleep
fill them with
my hearts desires
of those who touched
my soul to keep
to dream to dream

and when I awaken
to the mornings call
of millions of gold sunrises
reflecting off the dew
my beginning
of the new day
is filled with wonderings
of my dreams in that
pot at rainbows end

I shall sit still
and in my ears
I will heed the rustling tree,
my eyes shall see the bird, the figurines
made from clouds swimming in the
azure sky and I shall feel
the wind upon my brow
so upon another wake of night
shall be readied
to sleep to sleep
to dream to dream