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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

our chi at sea

If I can for a moment share with you my eyes
of how I see you and your powder blues
then lend you my heart so you’d feel
it flutter when I see your smile
and my lungs how they expand gasping
as your warm breath touches me

take a moments time and listen
to  my song I wrote for us of when
we laid upon a hill no words were spoken
looking upward till stars of night
covered us with glitter and
the moon rays kissed our cheeks

listen to the melody and how it takes
us soaring over the horizon
where the sky wades its feet upon the ocean
the osprey flies into the setting sun
and the dolphins arc their dorsal fins
in and out like quarter notes on 
a measure of a treble clef on a score

please take note of the words dancing
in tempo with the strumming of the strings
and the finger runs on the keys
for they’ve been carefully chosen
to take the rhythm of our hearts beat
in sync with the waves that roll
and keep the seas alive

they speak of our tender callings in each
others ears when our moments were
filled with love from the warm breezes
titillating our skin rolling naked in the grass
as the birds whistled and the fauna in
the flora and the trees gathered to witness
the yin yang of two human forms
connecting their chi in glee