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Sunday, September 8, 2013

reaping love

the wind howls softly
water splashes and crashes
over stones and limbs
having fallen into its stream

my eyes take pleasure
in the sight of flight
as they coo and cackle
in the dusk before night

quietly I sit to feel
the gentleness of life
without the sorrows,
and thoughts of human plight

I steal this moment
of Nature’s nest
to give my mind and heart
a little time to rest

I care much for hearts
of others but cry inside
when seemingly for me
they show no druthers

I sit here alone
with Nature’s breath
kissing me gently upon my face
gathering tightly in its embrace

as I close ‘mine eye’
to sleep I ask for when
it takes my soul to keep
my life, my love
shall for others reap