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Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Shadow

naked I stand before you
just hair skin and bones
I possess nothing that is physical
my hair turns grey without
my knowing or wishing it
my skin wrinkles and peels
the muscles that held it taught
now weak beyond my control
my bones have become brittle
they ache and show signs of bending
when once they stood erect
they do this without my wanting

thoughts I carry are mine, though,
they prance about as I wish
I can express them with words
at least to the extent of my abilities
my hearts soul floats sometimes
in selfless ways but seemingly
always desiring of care and love
I am willing to share its spirit
whenever to whatever and whoever
wishes to share

have seen an abundance of suns
the winds have carried
its shadow before millions of stars
and thousands of moons
it has shared dreams
many with eyes wide open
my thoughts and my hearts soul
are the only things I possess
I am willing to share them
with whatever other shadows
riding the wind but ithey must
embrace my gift 
in its heartfelt and soulful wrappings