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Saturday, July 20, 2013

today, I fly

The sky azure today
 with white cottons
splayed about
a  calm display
it quiets
my soul
slows the beat of
my heart

I need this
in lieu of a fire
that’s been burning
inside me  for some time

my nights filled
with unrest
sleep being
a cherished
dreams, a treasure

the demons of life
are pulling me
wanting to thrust
me into a dark abyss
where only depression
and anguish

I choose to sing
to bring me out
of the dark and grey
but the score of words
seem to come filled
with tears of

this translucent blue
and its soft attire
hopefully shall bring  
my feathered friends
who will sing to me
and they will share
their sky, they understand,
today, I am also
needing to fly