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Sunday, April 21, 2013

insulated home

climbed out from underneath
fresh washed cotton sheets
warmth and surreal dreams
filled my comforted nights sleep

awaken by radio waves full with
cries from victims of hellish noise
from firecracker sounds and whaling
sirens from vehicles flashing
red, white and blue lights 

one demon still roams amidst us,
I am told, he's sought for causing
a violent early death of a child,
a young lady and a student
visiting our 'welcoming lady liberty'

if and when they capture him,
this dead soul swallowed by a demon,
will then my soul be calmed and secure
in this insulated island nation?

I now huddle back underneath
my security Charlie blanket
envied by ostriches in sand
all is well again no more demons
I cover my mirrors