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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Disapearance

We caress those things mundane
embrace tightly never to let them go
yet they disappear

Those that resided in it
now don’t remember
or choose to forget
those that never saw it
it never existed

My town, my childhood home
the boy with the gentleness
the girl who we all desired
they now ride upon
the horse with wings

So much has disappeared
into a ream of reveries,
memories now unseen, untouchable
I now reside in the surreal
the nebulous where my own
incarnation I question
where does it exist?

Speak to me, sing to me,
touch me let me feel your presence
tell me I am not an orchid,
that I am not a tree
but you may climb me like one
then I shall know that at least
for this moment

I exist