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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A small gift

Today when I put my arms around you
my heart beat feels yours
as we press against each other
and the warmth of my face
next to yours hopefully will suffice
My gifts are small
I have not much like others do,
my riches in this world are few
but I can love you with the wealth
of kings and turn your tears
to diamonds with my kisses

I see what others gift
and wonder; if all was lost
would they still have
each other, would their fingers
still intertwine like lovers do
would they still kiss?
When strife and sadness comes
and it comes to all
will an embrace be enough
if my pockets are empty
and all I can give
is my heart

And when darkness falls onto my eyes
the riches of my heart
will it have been enough
to keep you for awhile
until another comes
to make you smile