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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


In quiet times the fond memories
become embolden and they force
the deep joyous breath escape
from the dormant spaces within

I lift my eyes to the grays
up in the sky capturing sparkling
large drops fall breaking into
tiny sprinkles and ornament
the verdant horizon with glitter

They fall upon my cheek and brow
with the crispness of autumn
showing off its russet and orange dress
and the moon winks late
the sun lies down earlier

Cognizant of how many of these
I’ve witnessed although my body
has begun to show its age
this vision never gets old

If but one more time
I could feel the warmth
of mamasitas embrace
and those siblings and friends
walking softly in the clouds

Gently I say thank you
and am grateful for those
who have open their arms
to fill this temporary solemn space