Friday, July 13, 2012

Reading Tea Leaves

As I sip my tea
at the bottom of the cup
are tea leaves
I try to read them
but I cannot interpret
I run my finger tips on the veins
of their skin trying to feel
the life that runs through them
assimilating with the life in mine
thinking I might feel something
yet left still with an emptiness
I stand up to inhale the
the breath of life around me
wondering if this will
sate my sensorial vats
the vacuum that surrounds me,
thinking it will explain to me
my relevance, fill me
with knowledge and understanding
of why I’m here and how does this space
I'm filling where I stand affects that
which came before me and
how it will affect he or she
that will soon replace me
when I’m gone?
I stand here alone,
breathing in, wondering


  1. The tea leaves inspired some deep thoughts, so well expressed. Your topic also reminded me of my Grandma and how she would "read" the tea leaves.

  2. the tea leaves indeed brewed up something deep and mysterious here. i especially like that last sentence, balanced so well it seems by breathing in.

  3. why do we yearn to know? is it born into us or does it come with age and longing for knowledge?

  4. Somehow, tea always puts me in a pondering mood as well. Lovely poem, thoughtful of one's place and future relevance. Enjoyed this. :)

  5. Thanks ya'll for taking a sip of my tea