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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love's Cradle

wish to be cradled
by the arms of love
as once they did
pure and innocent
without conspiracies, no assumptions,

to be loved and
me to love
the way I fantasize
Love to be
Mary and Jesus
Romeo and Juliet

where my mind, my heart
can escape if
but for a moment
as a guest of the spirits
that understand

Life as I know it
does not cater to such
it teases with a paradigm
sketched of ‘smiling tears’
occasional contented joys

soon erased by
what Life beholds
extinguishing the smiles
with pains and sufferings
the fears of loss and death
the truth of tears

but if it could
once again
hold my hand
as if
to understand
and by chance there is no
Heaven at least
I will have been
embraced by Love