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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eros: Leave the lights off

Leave the lights off
so I can see you
with my nose
your sent will direct me
to the softness of your
breasts so wonderfully
caressing the sides of my
face, my cheeks

Leave the lights off
so that my finger tips
will be forced to be
gentle with their touch
as they search carefully
around the curves

they will touch tenderly
the brow, the slope of your nose
they will skirt the edges
of your ear lobes then come
down to rest upon
the succulence of your lips
the orifice that kisses
and breathes warm air
into me

Leave the lights off
so that my hands will
ride the sides of your arms
down to where the
wonderment where
my head now rests
upon lovely, lovely breasts

Leave the lights off
so that my finger tips
titillate the pinnacles
of these lovely bosoms
oh, feel them rise
growing reaching up
craving more of my touch

then as you arch
your lower back up
my hand slides toward
a sensitivity causing flutter
wantonly uncontrollably
just underneath the 'inny'
resonating vibrating with desire

Leave the lights off
for I think I have found
soft fibers of hormonal growth
in between the warmth of my
finger tips caressing the now
sweet moistness
slow, faster, you tell me
my sensual search
should it stop

Leave the lights off
and whisper in my ear
if you wish to journey
once again with me
in the dark