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Friday, September 16, 2011

Another lap

The season's cool
discreetly tiptoes in
The morning’s dew
perches a little longer
glistening, mirroring
with prism intensity
the burning yellow-orange
reflecting a glitter grander
than the Summer's sweat

This cool titillates
the nostrils with a waft
of awakening freshness
to the day
A virgin nascence envelops
all that lives

The Earth
is slowly undressing
from dark of night attire
It faces naked
toward the sun
uninhibited unabashed
taking its diurnal jaunt
begins another orbital lap

I ride along
while in its wake
the wind folds my skin
knowing fair well
some will remain
ebb'd into wrinkles
much like inner rings
in trunks of trees,
noting another lap
has been run
another season
has come