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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love is Sufficient

May I dwell upon my milestone
just for a little while
never have I wailed or whined
about that midlife crisis
but now quietly I've collected
the years and for less of these, I pine

Grateful for the morning sunrises I’ve seen
the shared changes the seasons bring
the healthy play filled youthful days
of wanderings in my teenage years
with childhood antics, the inordinate ways

Fortunate I am to have walked along side
so many wonderful human spirits
some having exited onto another world
others have wandered into their own mundane lives
so much wealthier I am for having shared
with them common space and time

My life's greatest accomplishment
is having Loved and being loved
by my family and friends
sharing the warmth of their hugs and kisses
never forgetting those smiles on them faces

My later years witnessing life's vicissitudes
of harrowing ugliness, the sorrows and pains
I’m sure not unlike many of you
who have witnessed much of the same

If there exists that omniscient omnipotent spirit
the one written about in the books of Divinity
I hope my well-being for others will be recognized
But if not, to have lived and to have loved
will have filled my life more than sufficiently