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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wintry Warmth

Waking early this November morn
Looking out into the still dark of night
I see a sheath of white covering roofs and chimney tops
Solemnity softly slides down from the white veil of the moon
The wintry ’ides of November’ visit me in my room

I turn to look atop the comfort spread upon my bed
There lying snuggled close in carefree sleep
My two small curly soft hair canine friends
One cuddles closely to my wife’s bosom
The other snails itself warmly near her head

A calm hovers o’er my spirit
A gentleness fills my heart, my soul
Mine eyes behold a cherished moment
Love descends filling the room
Quietly I saunter back to the warmth of bed’n sheets
To embrace my wife, my friends to hold