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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sharing You

A disquiet comes o’er me
A sense of mourning in every cell
that resides within me
Now my soul is restless

When love fills this space
where my spirit rests
a calm and restful feeling
emits from every fiber of my being

This calm seems to have ceased
when it now peers into my heart
a once quiet and peaceful place
where time stood still

You’ve said all is still the same
but now you rarely call my name
and that sense of loving care
within me has since left

The feeling when your heart
would touch mine and mine alone
now feels of temperance
as if it shares it’s attention
with another somewhere else

If this be the case
then whisper gently those words
quietly and softly not to heighten the restlessness
and reawaken that once love filled space

Release me, free me
from this restless place
Knowing that someone else
now shares this space
allows at least my heart
to reside along with selflessness
and a different calm will soon arise
in a mist of subtle tearful restraint