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Friday, November 19, 2010


Have we forgotten to care
because we struggle daily
to feed our own children
We ramble about trying to find warmth
both for the cold of our skin
and the stagnate mind and heart
due to our own strife
Will we once again find the time
find a space in our heart for the other
he or she that has less
For the children who are innocent
yet they ’re left to go hungry
And because of their youthful ignorance
we will selfishly let them starve
both in food intake
and mind nutrients
Some will take advantage
of that innocence
Have our personal toils distracted
where once there was human kindness
now replaced by apathy
Where once there was caring
now there’s non-empathy
Have we forgotten the ‘human truism’
when there’s a cognizant willingness of sharing
in carrying the weight of life’s toils,
it’s struggle and strife,
the burden is mitigated for all
and from this comes knowledge,
a light shining upon contentment, calm and resolve.