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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome Today

I sample rhymes and meter, loosely formed prose,
relish and treasure the simple haunting
of another poets heart,
as my ears are filled with the mellifluous sound
of Chopin’s ivorys and Shubert’s string quartet
The sweet vocals of Johnny Mathis, the Righteous Brothers
Or Eva Cassidy’s vocal renditions of the classics

My eyes consume and absorb into the depths of my being
the words by Shelly : …”the sunlight grasps the earth,
the moon beams kiss the sea, what is all this kissing’s worth
if thou kiss not me” or the inspiring introspective words of
‘Unknown’ ’Desiderata’: “…be kind to yourself for you are also
a creation of ‘God’ like the birds, the trees and the seas”.

The wind blows briskly sometimes with a howl
outside my window today
It rings of sounds brought forth from the north
Unsettling the warmth of the day before
No longer can the leaves hang on
and the pine needles falling like strands of gold
covering the walkway and felling
the few verdant patches of grass
leaving a surreal display like brush strokes
on Van Gogh’s ’Starry Night” or Wyeth’s
field of grass in ’Christina’s World‘.

I welcome this display these sounds
introducing me to this new day
bare footed I walk atop this golden carpet
outside my door as the wind blows my robe open
asking that I also be in full display
as the wind blows crimson and orange leaves
into my hair standing naked now
holding hands in Nature’s care