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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Silence Keeps

He walks along the river banks
not even the geese or the birds
playing along the tree line of
the running waters along the bend
nor the catfish or the carp that usually scatter
when strange feet interrupt
their abode, their domicile,
concern themselves little
with his quiet steps, his gentle caring gait
which has been born of solitude.
He has learned through all the paths
he’s walked in his life and his coexistence
with Man and nature, his voice, his words
have been rarely heard and
so he speaks little if only in
a whisper and those who wish
to listen ,will. He has learned
that if he walks quietly
his ears will also hear
sounds that others cannot
and his eyes will witness visions,
scents and odors of Nature’s breath
are keenly captured and all this
is harnessed as his spirit grows
hand in hand along this River’s bend
his heart is heard amidst Nature’s song
as his silence keeps.