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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Space

If I gathered all the things I cherish
That which would be my treasure
 would be only those things that
made my heart and mind what
they are now

My memories, my reveries, my dreams
The moments that touched me
That touched my hand,
That touched my head
That touched my heart

Objects and possessions would not
take space in my trove
Easily, they've accumulated
having momentary memories
some more significant than others
now they gather dust

In reflection, moments of sadness
seem to have lasted longer
than those of fondness
those moments of joy and Love
have left greater imprint though
but that’s by choice

Forward as I walk
my eyes are focused
so that they can see
not distracted by memories
My arms and heart
reach out to that which
now comes before me

Love and music fill
my backpack