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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Slowing Time

How do I slow time down?
I know; minimize looking forward
Appreciate the moment
Try to refrain the time spent
on nostalgia or reminiscing
Memories are enjoyable if they
spontaneously come to mind
but not allowing the past to
swallow you up or wallow in it
Appreciate the friends and family
that surround
Accept that they and everything
are transitory by ‘life’s law’
Be able to release that which is near
Take deep breaths,
Listen to sounds of nature
Enjoy the sights of verdant scopes and blue shores
Azure skies with cumulus figurines
Sounds of children playing
A loved one’s warm hand embrace
Music, music, and more music
Read the writ of others’ sights, sounds and heart
Have the ‘pen’ at ready
capturing the moment