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Sunday, March 7, 2010


‘Nature’: The everlasting things are these;
The ageless skies and wrinkled seas,
The silvery beacons of the night,
The fickle moon of transient light.
Unresting winds that seldom sleep
Rocks that external silence keep.
Earth’s mighty sons, the mountains, stand
Unmindful of Time’s withering hand.
Indifferent to the worlds brief woes,
The sun, aloof, forever glows.
Though mortals yield to Death’s decrees,
God’s everlasting things are these.

E.G. Beaudry

‘Love’: That gasp or gulp of air that gathers in the chest
and marries with a smile,
it dances with a palpitating heart,
feels the warmth of an embrace,
human or otherwise,
and in it’s absence nurtures
it’s memory by the trickle of that
teardrop that slowly gathered in
the corner of one’s eye,
blinks and it's released
yet another will soon gather, in memory.

M.L. Arellano