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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My wife's fiftieth Birthday

July 31, 2009
My Love, my wife, my friend,

There’s a softness, a gentle tender warmth that emits from her smile. Her eyes of powder blue with lashes that sway upward like a whitecap ocean tide just before it wanes onto its sandy destination. Knowing, what seemed not too long ago these well preserved and softly molded high cheeks, now have given birth to the subtleness yet surreptitious “crows feet”. They peer along side the edges on the corners of her eyes. It speaks, with poignancy, time that’s passed yet how so quietly it has touched upon her brow, the years. I stand here staring at the face who has shared so many fond moments in my life. Without her presence I wouldn’t have been so introspective which unfolds and defines the value of my life and providing so many pleasurable moments. When one feels good with love in their heart the eyes see more lucidly, the ears gather the “yin” synchrony of natures sounds and the “yang’ of silence, the pleasures of taste and touch become so keen which gives rise to a joyous smile like a Sun and which attracts those that wish to enjoy its rays. This is what my wife gives me today on her half century birthday.