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Thursday, August 18, 2016

joy of life and sleep

that waft of lavender or soft musk,
the sparkle of the dew on grass in
the morning and the lust my heart
and soul doth feel the joy of waking
to life’s ebullient smile

warm golden yellow rises and white cottons
soar along the azure powdered face
shimmering off the mirror ocean blue,
a spectacle bringing life to the jumping
dolphin and spattering of fish while seagulls
call and the osprey talons fill

doth my day begins of Summer’s Spring
while cool wet sand invades the space
between my toes, the southwest winds
blow capturing underneath my eagle wings
so that i may fly amidst the day where
i shall play

from dawn to dusk my soul shall dance
give way to the spirit of the universe
of how things should be where chaos
intermingles with harmony as opposites
and the yin yang intertwines as one

a glitter of stars shall prick the black of night
and tease the moon to smile while the roaring
vocals from white nail rolling fingers of the sea
shall sooth my dreary eyes to close and i will
dream the dreams where my soul shall soon
reap a joy of with souls in that universal sleep

Sunday, August 14, 2016


this evening i sit alone and quiet
atop an old oak tree's rooted feet
listen to the wind brush the leaves
watch the cloud figurines soar above
as the sky turns orange and crimson
and the sun lies down to rest and sleep
at the feet of mother earth

i ponder the many steps i’ve taken
throughout the days of yore
of faces passing with frowns and smiles
hearts forsaken of love lost and the tears
shed, unremitting, in the lonely nights
missing those now absent in this life

here and now, gathering thoughts
along with memories, how rich my heart
has felt from those who have touched it
both at a distance from human empathy
to the fortunes of a warm embrace, maybe
a kiss here and there or just holding ever so
gently of my hand

i wonder if and when my breath shall cease
in partaking of this earthen bound, my soul
shall be gifted with pockets filled with love
where i can take to share with the souls of others
that maybe weren’t so lucky, filling theirs
with a love that was meant for all

Thursday, August 4, 2016

a gentle heart shall rise again

“and the sunlight grasps the earth”…and a new day rises
with rays of hope, where “the moonbeams kiss the sea”…
and the calm and peaceful voices are heard loudly,
for the vitriol and hate has been silenced

the gentleness of an open hand shall touch us
once again and the softness in our hearts and souls
shall once again evince as the whisper of the wind says,
…‘you shall walk again amidst the gift of my
flora and fauna and with it, you shall feed the
hungry, clothe the cold, lend a shoulder to the
crippled and soothe the heart of a sad soul’

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

death has not been kind

death, has not been kind to me lately
its darkness has invaded my space,
all the chambers of my heart
and the once silken nebulae of my soul

death, its solemn has stolen my smile
taken the Sun away in those moments
when i needed light and warmth and
my breath without labor

death takes the song that once inspired verve
now struggles to find the tune
harmony has given way to dissonance
treble has found a home in the base clef

when once the Sun’s golden hand touched my eyes
and an aviary of life would lift my spirit
in the morning’s awakening loft, now a
dredge prevents my soul to rise

death is, incessant tears leaving folded paths
about my cheeks on unwanted wrinkles
of my face from unmitigated sadness, within,
filling the caverns and crevices in all of me

the eagle within now perched to rest
awaits the sunlight to replace 
the gray of death 
and it will again soar 
the call of the wolf’s howl shall
praise the day and watch the night
once more

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

when my soul to take

when the pains and pangs of aging
are no longer appreciated because
of so much greater pain and strife
in the world

when the morning’s wake is distilled
by the wailing of sirens going in pursuit
to mitigate anguish or approaching
the hot irons of violence

when the water’s edge is filled with
man-made debris and the fish floats
atop ocean waves strangulated by a plastic
tab discarded, uncaringly, into its abode

when the winds of heaven once of joy
now being transformed into climate storms
from smoke stacks and refuse of those
whose almighty dollar feed but a few

when my swollen aching feet
no longer ambulate a few steps
to check if the turtle dove and the
hummingbird have sustenance

this is when my heart, torn,
my spirit tattered, i thus
can only wish for the goodness
of the universe, my soul to take

Sunday, July 10, 2016

they ask why

not many tears are left within
the cries , the wailings of those
left behind, their stars of night
have disappeared and their days
are dark covered in ominous gray
from the sun and day’s array

i lay me down to sleep and my
eyes close but dreams are absent
only reflections of the day fill me
of blood and anguished hearts
envelop my every breath
seeing the faces of those taken

souls have no faces, no color,
and gender, there is none
we’ve been gifted with life where
music and love reside while other
surrounding ‘being’ observe humans
with disdain for our dissonance

the tree and flower reach up
to try and touch the sun and sky,
the fish that swim the seas and tiger,
elephant and wolf that roam on land
as the eagle soars above, all stare at us
with curiosity and asking… why ?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

a moment alone

walked, today, among and amidst
many a patchwork field of pansies,
wisteria, asters and clusters
of vermilion wildflowers

i stop and let my spirit intermingle 
as they sway in the wind dancing 
with the sun’s gentle shadows cast

i spin and twirl then lay upon them
to feel the dirt, to touch the land,
to hear their glee and feel the
chest of Earth, inhale and exhale

tiny critters run away at first until
they sense that i lie here to be with them
to taste the breath of the innocence of life
escape the human toils and strife

i too am but a tiny critter laying here
to bare my soul to the sanguine terrain
of my abode, that rides upon the energy
and the spirit of the universe where soon
we shall all abide

and to this end, insanity shall meet sanity
violence shall meet the peace
dissonance shall greet harmony
chaos will accept the synergy of ‘one’
destroyers shall meet creators
and hate will be squelched by love