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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

what color is the wind

what color is the wind,
when blowing through the forest,
the flora, the fauna, the trees? 

what color is the wind,
blowing across the ocean,
over rivers and over streams?

what color is the wind,
soaring above with the clouds 
and riding the azure sky?

what color is the wind,
when i breathe and it runs through
my lungs, my veins, my heart?

what color is the wind,
that flows through our souls?
is it not the color of everything,
the color of all ?

Friday, October 21, 2016

finding to be

in my search, i found my eyes,
how to look and see what it is to be
the colors of what beauty is

in my  search, i learned to breathe,
to smell to touch to sense
the intrinsic fiber of life

in my search, i found a path
where the flora and fauna gather
to fill my journey of Nature’s embrace

in my search, i learned from
the owl, the eagle and the wolf
to observe and listen to the wind

in my search, i witnessed
a stone and a tree how both sit
quietly and still, become one with me

in my search, i learned not to
seek but to embrace all that is
for that is what it is to be

Monday, October 17, 2016

welcoming Autumn

bright red petals of roses,
yellows blue and purple
flowers, the vibrant green
of leaves, so quietly they change
from their ebullience into their
more Autumn hues of orange,
brown, black and russet   

warm winds cool, blowing the
cotton whites now misty and gray
as Robins and Hummingbirds
cease their play, pack to journey
south-bound where the sun still
heats and breezes still are warm

the blue-jays  and crows remain,
they caw in competition as they
sneak and steal the nuts and seed
from chipmunks and squirrels
not of starvation but to store,
preparing the arrival of ‘old man’
Winter’s cold nights cold days

houses now dressed in a fancy of rustic,
colors from pumpkins and silhouettes
of black witches on brooms, spiders
in webs, that hang from gutters and
eaves as white pillowcase ghosts
swing to and fro while the piercing
eyes of goblins, their incisor teeth grin,
to welcome the myths of Fall 

Monday, October 10, 2016

my shadow cast

a towering challenge stands before me
on this path to home in my traverse 
with every step towards it a shadow 
casts larger and larger

the days before me have dwindled
in number while behind me they've grown
with every step and my pace now slow
while moving closer toward this mountain 

the shadow i cast behind me is becoming
smaller as i stroll onward when earlier
my shadow embraced many a wildflower
as they sprouted vibrantly on my path

i am near the base of this promontory 
as it stands before me with its shadow 
hovering over me and all where i have been 
the sun can only wink, now, from behind it

moments have come that capture my breath.
wanting to turn around, run back away
from this worrisome angst but life's gravity,
inevitably, draws me closer and closer

droplets tickle my skin, they fall from a rainbow 
while a calming cool breeze whistles a melody
in my ears of an elegy longing for lasting years 
and the love that has dissipated into this mist

step by step my heart and soul avail
to what is to come, where i may go
i ask only that my eyes be given pleasure
of beauty, that of blooming flowers
while cool breezes lay their kisses upon
my cheek, the love that embraces me
on this path, let not unclench my heart
and i leave behind my shadow cast 

Sunday, October 2, 2016


not until my later years, now, have i
truly looked into the eyes of love

did not see it in my innocence,
still pure and in youthful attire
not having felt its warmth of heart,
its soulful value

not until i saw tears of another,
seeing their open hands reaching out
unkempt and empty,
pacing back and forth, talking to a darkness
only their eyes can see and knowing
no one feels them, unseen, no one cares

have now observed the lowly last flower bent over,
leaves brown and drooping, hanging by its sides,
and its bonnet with fallen petals hangs downward
in lamenting with the others already lying down
upon the Earth’s chest as Summer’s sun moves
farther away and a cooler air replaces warm
as the day grows shorter causing Mother Nature to
put on a coat of browns and orange, yellows and russets

until i saw an eagle feed its eaglets in the nest,
a mother wolf lay with its pups at dusk to rest,
tall trees sway in the music of the wind
whispering to each other the day's events
and the running streams flow into rivers and the
rivers into oceans while the stars wink at the waves
and the vane moon looks at its reflection, the
seagulls and the egrets fly across its face to find a
settling place until another dawn arises and my
heart swoon by the love of a new day

Saturday, September 24, 2016

tell me

tell me
how the gentle wind touches your skin
how the gold of sun rays pierce your eyes
when you hear and watch the fish gently slap
the water around the river's bend
ahh, and there's the waft of morning dew

tell me
how your heart flutters when feeling love;
your breath becomes rapid in excitement,
soft bead sweat shimmies from your hands,
how peace and calm envelops you
at the sight of stars and moon at night

tell me
the soothing of violin strings upon your ears
whilst reading words of Shelley and Shakespeare
and how they resonate into your soul
or as i sing to you a song formed
of love verses, i've written

tell me
that your love for me is true
the reflection of my heart, too
like new verdant leaves of Spring
with their brilliance in their color hue
my heart speaks~~~ there’s no truer love
than me for you

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

just enough

i wish for just enough morsels
to have some left for
he who also is hungry

just enough water to diminish my
thirst then to share with who's thirsty

warmth enough but still feel the cold
as others do

just enough shelter to rest my head
leaving room for hers on my shoulder,

some anguish to understand sorrow
and just enough pain to remember its absence,

enough love to last until tomorrow